Anxiety or AF?

I wonder if any one can help me…I had ASD closure by OHS 5 1/2 years ago. After the surgery I had episodes of AF and was on medication for some time but stopped taking it after I has repeated fainting spells from low bp & heart rate. It settled of its own accord and as long as I watch my caffeine intake it had been fine.
Recently I had a very stressful weekend and since have been feeling like the AF has returned… when I feel my pulse myself it feels like it’s jumping or missing a beat and I’m feeling like I can’t catch my breath or I need to cough. I was told I didn’t need cardio follow up and haven’t seen anyone since 2011 when I came off the beta blocker. I’m still on an anti platelet. I have also recently moved country and am in the process of registering with a new GP. IM SCARED!!! Which is obviously not helping my symptoms…should I go get it checked

I suggest seeing a cardiologist. My ASD was repaired by OHS in 2012 after my occluder failed. I also had A Fib. I am at 4 years now and whenever I have strange heart beats or chest pain off to the doctor I go. I see a cardiologist at least every 6 months. I still end up in ED at least once a year with chest pain. It always needs to be Checked out. It makes feel much better to have a doc tell don’t worry everything checks out ok. Best wishes Tech Girl