Anyone with asd have symtoms like feels like cant get enough air?

hi im 26 year old male waiting on asd closure, i feel like i cant get enough air , i dont know is it symtoms of the asd or is it anxiety cause i know i have asd defect which i only found out 1year ago. will w it go away when its fixed would anyone know?


I had the same (it was a mixture of anxiety and the asd I think) and it 100% went after closure!

Our minds are VERY powerful and when you are diagnosed with an illness a lot of the time you develop physical, yet psychological symptoms. These are illness cognition and they are a pain in the arse.

Your closure will make you feel so much better

If you have had ASD for awhile the blood can begin to shunt between the two chambers - this causes the oxygenation in your blood to drop. This happened to me before my surgery. I was constantly out of breath - even from climbing the stairs.

The closure surgery should help. Also call your cardiologist and tell them how out of breath you feel. They moved my surgery up when they saw how hard it was for me to breathe.

Good luck!


Hi Anthony,

i had my asd closure done two years ago and before hand i used to get out of breather more quickly and found it harder to recover if i had climber stairs etc but day to day i didnt feel like i couldnt get enough air but i tell u when i did feel like that was the 6 months leading up to my operation and it was anxiety. I was hospitalised 3 times saying i couldnt breathe but i could breathe i was in huge panic state waiting for my op, The mind is hugely powerful as laurull says i would say the likeliness is its a mixture of anxiety and waiting for the op to happen, Its a tough time take it easy on yourself. Are you in the uk having it done?


I didn’t have this problem until after my surgery to close my ASD’s. As I’ve gotten older it has gotten worse too. I was just told that I have lung cysts and 1 if the doctors thinks it might be related to the ASD in some way.

I would have times that I felt like I could not get enough air and was so tired and I did not know I had ASD because no one could find it. So they all thought it was in my head.

I have shortness of breath. I've had it for 10 years. I have ILD (interstitial lung disease) that's been said to be out of proportion for the amount of breathing trouble I have. The hole in my heart was diagnosed about 2-3 years ago. It's a small hole but a lot of bubbles are passing through it. Doctors feel it's a good idea to close it to see if it helps with my breathing. They finally decided to do that because they want to do a biopsy of my lungs because the ILD is starting to progress. While it's not highly likely, part of me hopes the hole is what has caused some of the progression in my lungs so I can have some confidence it can stop progressing with the hole closure.


I've had many days (since finding out about my ASD) when my chest feels tight and I feel like I just can't get enough air in my lungs. It turned out to be mostly anxiety. I made a point to breathe more SLOWLY and DEEPLY, instead of fast and shallow. My shortness of breath improved 80% by doing that.

I hope that helps! I know it's frightening. Hang in there.

Hi. Prior to my diagnoses of my ASD, during my workouts, which consisted of weight training, I felt faint and unable to take a deep breath. During conversations, I felt a shortness of breath. This shortness of breath would occur at times, while I was watching T.V. The shortness of breath continued for about two weeks after my procedure. After the two weeks, that sensation, disappeared. I haven’t had it since. You will be ok.


hi laurell,

thanks for reply, hope it goes away when its closed, nothing worse when its breathing cause feels like not enough air its like im conscious of every breath i take so say meself alot is anxiety. thanks

hi jenboal.

thanks for reply, ya i went to hospital 2 times since i found out a year ago that i have asd. I feel like i cant get enough air they said my oxygen level was fine but it was when i exhale it was low, doctors told me relax and everything be fine like to calm me down cause i dont know was it anxiety or what but i say its from both. hopefuly when the procedure is done that be fine. doctors moved my surgery up to so i shoud have it in june.

Hi izziou,

thanks for repley, im having it done in ireland should have it done in june, only found out 1year ago was shocked when dey told me didnt know what was goin to happin. was in hospital 2 times with breathing difficulties feels like cant get enough air hopefuly when its done be back to norrmal. Was fine before i knew it only effected me sometimes the next day after i was out when had a few alcohol drinks makes me worse so i thought it was just anxiety, but say it wa due to hole in hearth .

hi kyme

ya i hope the feeling cant get enough air it goes away when it is closed, would you think it could be anxiety or symptoms over the asd that we have the problem an also that you have the cyst in lungs did that happin long afer you got it closed?.

hi fay

do you think its definetly to do with the asd so because i only felt like i couldnt get enough air when i breath was after a night out when i drank alcohol next morning i felt it thought it was just anxiety before i found out id a hole in hearth, i thought to it was all in me head cause i was always fit and never sick or anything.

hi Praim

i only had trouble with the breathing before i found out about the hole was when i drank alcohol the next day after, and i thought it was just anxiety cause it was gone day after that. but since i found out every day feels like cant get enough air it is very frustrating cause feels like im watching on every breath and if i dont it feels like i would just panic and faint. would you think that over the asd that when you didnt know about it effected your lungs to what your lungs are now. im sure the doctor said somthing about my lung be bit enlarge to or something like that.

hi Sam49

did you have ur asd closed and if you did was your breathing better, i didnt have breathing problems before i found out only if i drank alcohol next day after i found that felt coudnt get enough air thought it was just anxiety over the drink.


Ya i feel the same even just watching tv its like cant get enough air like im thinking on every breath its very frustrating. hopefuly when its closed in june that it will be gone. please god.

Yes I think it was the ASD. Drinking made me feel so bad, so I did not drink. Same with smoking, I tried cigarettes, but they made me feel sick, short of breath. I was not able to smoke them, so I did not.
I always felt that way. I did not know I had a
ASD. You might have anxiety or you might be feeling worse because of health reasons. What does your doctor say? Hope you feel better.
anthony said:

hi fay do you think its definetly to do with the asd so because i only felt like i couldnt get enough air when i breath was after a night out when i drank alcohol next morning i felt it thought it was just anxiety before i found out id a hole in hearth, i thought to it was all in me head cause i was always fit and never sick or anything.

HI Anthony, it's not anxiety it's your ASD. I was waiting on my surgery and getting more and more severe. I finally had oxygen tanks delivered to my house and i was hooked to Oxygen 24/7. I went to see a second cardiologist while I was waiting and she finally saw how hard it was for me to breathe. She sent me to the ER and they did my closure the next day.

If you are having trouble breathing go back to your doc, your oxygen saturation might be getting worse. Please get it checked out!

best wishes,