ASD tired

Ok, y’all. I never knew I had this hole, until a bout with pneumonia showed an enlarged heart. That was January, and starting in about May I started getting tired, now it’s ridiculous! I get up do one thing and have to lay down. I’m scheduled to meet a surgeon next week. First they said the hole was too large and needed OHS, now they say it’s manageable with the cath surgery. Has anyone had this symptom and got better after the surgery?

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You will feel better once the ASD is closed! Walking and going upstairs will be a breeze once more as the heart remodels. Good luck!

I had mine fixed by a catheter. I had a second heart defect where I had a cord that flowed through the unsealed flap and Kickstanding it open.

For 6 months after the surgery I had a lot more energy, edema went down, and I got off the daytime oxygen.

This is a simulation of the procedure.