Im having shortness of breath!

I am 46 years old with a pfo that was found in 2008. My doctor at the time said as long as it wasnt causing any issues, i would just be watched. Several months ago, I started having shortness of breath and some burning chest pains. I don't know how big my pfo is.. Just that the TEE bubble study in 2008 was positive. I recently had a echo with an rsvp of 32mmhg. I am scheduled for another TEE next week. I am fatigued easily and im unable to climb a flight of stairs without feeling winded. Can anyone tell me if shortness of breath and increased pulmonary pressure is related to a pfo?? The cardiologist i am seeing now says as long as the pfo is small no need to have it closed. My primary dr says regardless of how big the pfo is, if it is causing symptoms it needs to be closed.

If you are having symptoms then it needs to be investigated. Your primary may be on the right track. As your cardiologist says if it is small but even if it is small, you don’t feel well! Glad you are having another TEE. Linda