Newly Diagnosed ASD 26years old

Good day everyone! I was just newly diagnosed with ASD. I’m 26y.o. with some episodes of almost fainting and difficulty of breathing during exercise before. I have normal blood results, normal ECG and normal 24hour ambulatory ecg.

According to the cardiologist I will be needing either percutaneous catheter procedure or open heart surgery, they also observed that the right side of my heart is becoming larger.

I am still awaiting for my Transesophageal Echocardiography. To know the placement and the size of the hole in the atrial septal wall.

My question is:
Since I have minimal symptoms in the past years even now. Am I severe? Would I be needing a catheter procedure? Or open heart surgery?

I am actually afraid tginking it would be an open heart.

Thanks for the replies. God bless to all!

The choice of catheter or OHS depends entirely on the position and size of the hole. Catheter closure is becoming more popular and easier to do with excellent results. I suggest you look on Facebook Adults atrial septal defect (hole in the heart) for further support and chat.

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Thanks for the reply. :blush:
Hopefully all goes well.