Remote second opinions


Does anyone have experience of the Cleveland Clinic's service for ASD patients? If so, I would much appreciate an evaluation of its level of expertise from those who have been advised remotely by this clinic and even perhaps been subsequently treated by it.

There may be other institutions offering similar services that members have initially accessed from remote places and that I have not found for myself. If so, I would welcome hearing about these clinics and of the users' level of confidence in their advice.

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I would also appreciate any information regarding the Cleveland Clinic and remote second opinion and/diagnosis

Many thanks

I have shared this discussion with all of our members, so I hope you will get feedback soon.

I spent about 30 minutes with their nurse who suggested I obtain my records and send to the interventional cardiologists for review and opinion. I had a cath closure attempt early Dec and am waiting to see if it might still close before proceeding to OHS. She also suggested I participate in a webinar with a specialist in ASD repair. He questioned whether I should have had closure given my pulmonary hypertension and significant tricuspid regurgitation. They have these periodically and transcript is available on their website. Anyway if repair can be done by a repeat cath they may be able to schedule a procedure without a new exam and tests. If not I will have to decide which cardiac surgeon I would like to consult. A list of the interventionists and surgeons with their experience and specialty may be found on their website. I will be sending my records this week and will keep you posted. They did 28 cath closures last year. The nurse was very knowledgable in ASD and will walk you through the steps. Good Luck

Hello Anton, I had my ASD repaired there in November and tomorrow is my 3 month anniversary:) I could not speak more highly of Cleveland Clinic. My repair was done by Dr. Krasuski and the fellow that was in the room was Dr. Bunte. They had wonderful bedside manner. Dr. Majdalany was the cardiologist that I visited with there during my first appointment. I was nervous about being 6 hours from home but it all worked out well.