Robotic ASD Closure (32 years old triathlete)


My name is Irfan from Turkey. I’ve a 2,6cm ASD from the wall that separates the top two chambers of the heart. There is no other issue heart valve etc. I had an operation last week and ASD was closed, now I’m fine. I wrote my experience so maybe I can help someone in the similar situations.

My ASD is natural-born. I did not feel any uncomfortable situation any sport activity. I’ve 10 years mountain bike / 3 years triathlon history. Even middle distance triathlon races were not a problem.

I wanted to have a full check up at the beginning of the season so the asd adventure began :slightly_smiling_face: It is detected on October 2017.

First operation is pericardial device (Amplatzer) closure but my doctor (Prof. Dr. Huseyin YILMAZ – Cardiologist) thought it was not appropriate for me to do this surgery. (because my hole is near the valves etc and this is risky move for my sportive career)

So we change the closure technic to robotic surgery. After waiting the operation team get together, I successfully operated on 18th Jan 2018. My operation took 6 hours long. Thanks for the Prof. Dr. İlhan Golbasi + Assist. Prof. Dr. Cemal Kemaloglu and the team.

After the robotic surgery (asd patched) operation was not very painful but very tired. 1-2 days after still tired but my next days gathered up very quickly. At first I had a pulse rate above of 50-60% normal and I had difficulty for 10 minutes walking. After the 5th day, my pulse started to return to normal and walking, laying down and sitting-up no issue for me. I was discharged from the hospital on the 6th day after the operation. My doctor gave me the information that I can continue my daily activities after 1 month and return to the sportive activities within 3-5 months.

My cardiologist Prof. Dr. Huseyin YILMAZ I owe him a lot ! Btw he is also triathlete and the coolest I know. I am lucky to know him. Otherwise maybe I could not compete any sports all my life.

So that’s it, I’m healthy again :wink: I will continue to give detailed information on my blog.


Feel free to contact me, take care of yourself !

What a great positive attitude, Irfan! It sounds like you’re approaching the ASD repair like the fourth event in your triathlon! Thanks for posting there.

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