Sending our best to dkel,

Our David (dkel) has been hospitalized with an infection in both hands, in addition to all of this other health challenges, he has been diagnosed with DM

I am here to offer support to you until David can return. Please send your best to David, though he cannot type much, he is reading and keeping up on his laptop.

Feel better, dkel, we're all pulling for you!

Wishing you all well,


David is still in the hospital, but helping out every day at Ben's Friends. We are hoping he can go home to his family soon. Thank you for helping out, SK.

Dear David,

We have high hopes that you will soon get some solid answers and a plan of defense, and get home to your loved ones! I worry about the time you are still spending on the boards, but realize how dedicated you are and how much you need us in order to withstand the boredom of such a lenghty hospital stay!

I'm still hopeful of a good outcome for you!

Your friend,


Yes, it does seem to be a vocation, 'a calling' for us!

I've been watching some of the public TV station's special on Australia, from the beginning of time to present, what I've caught so is fascinating!

One of my friends on the Sjogren's site, an ICU nurse by profession, is also a photography enthusiast, she lives near the Australian coast and is always posting fabulous, Nat Geo quality photos of the whales!

I could use some down time on the beach, none of that 'Naked and Afraid' stuff, but more like the Ritz Carlton ocean-side type of beach time! ha! BTW Naked and Afraid is a reality TV show here, two volunteers, a man and a woman who have never met, are stripped down, allowed to take only one tool for survival and sent out to a wilderness, sometimes a beach, sometimes a jungle for 21 days, at the end they have to travel a great distance by a certain time for pick up to complete the challenge. Not for me, ever, I'd rather be clothed, serene and served! LOL!

Get better soon, buddy!