Surgery on 25th

Hi everyone
I am going to have a surgery on 25th of July & very stressed out I have been diagnosed last 2 mo I am on my 40 &I have 3 years old daughter which I am more worry about her than my self.
My doctor told me that he try to do the close surgery from side and same time he is going to fix my mitral valve prolapse as well, so I am going to have 2 surgery same time. Have any body had two surgery together with out having a open heart surgery &show long took to recover?? If you guys have any suggestions I do really appreciate to share with me to help to recover faster & little info about surgery that you had. Thanks in advance

Hi. I had my open heart surgery last March 15, with the ASD repair. I took a month to recovery until now. But for my 3 months goin to 4 months this month, i feel so strong now. and i done with my 2D echo today.


Amazing! You “sound” really well. Thanks for dropping by and giving a bit of reassurance to Heart1

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Hi Heart 1, i had this surgery a year ago. Its quite a straight forward procedure and i was home soon. In three days i think. You must rest a month after which things continue to improve. I Dont worry too much as i am past the one year mark now. Its a breeze.


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I had an ASD closure in 2006 through my leg and throat. I was out the next day. I had to stay away from physical activity for a month or two so I wouldn’t open the wound in my leg they used to do the surgery. So if you are having it done through your leg, make sure to refrain from exercising for a while.

I posted my story if you would like to read it.

Andrew, where is your story? Unable to find it. - Gail

Gail, I think it is here:


Thank you for that Modsupport.

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