Upcoming CT scan

Hi everyone,

I want you all to welcome our newest member @Layla! This is her story, in her own words:

“I had been having breathing issues since last year but doctors were not able to diagnose me. They thought I had a lung issue. In April of this year I went to the ER with severe upper abdominal pain. They diagnosed me initially as having a heart attack since my Troponin levels were high. After all the heart tests ( Angio, Echo Cardiogram etc.) they ruled out heart attack. They diagnosed me with a Gall bladder issue and removed my gall bladder. The hospital did not refer me a cardiologist. But when I went home I asked my family doctor to refer me because I was still worried. The cardiologist did another Echocardiogram and saw that my heart was enlarged. He did a second one and found the hole. A number of additional tests were done. It is a Sinus Venosus ASD 17 mm in size. The case has now been referred to the Cardiac Team in Toronto and they have booked me for a CT Scan at the end of September.”

@Layla, how are you doing as you are waiting for the Cardiac Team appointment? Have they talked to you about potential treatment options and timelines? We also see that you are a mother and a grandmother, and are operating 2 franchises! How has it been balancing that? We look forward to hearing your reply.

Arjuna (Lead Intern)