Update - Surgery a success!

First of all, I want to say thank everyone on this support page. Leading up to my surgery, I read all of the discussions and reactions to help best prepare me...

I had surgery on March 15th. They called the procedure, "Repair of Partial Atrioventicular Canal with Atrioventricular Valve Repair."

I arrived at the hospital at 5AM. I came to terms with the surgery and was ready. Surgery was moved up early to 7:00AM. The surgery lasted longer than normal because they also had to fix some things from my parcarditis that I had 5 years ago. The surgery went well.

I was released from the hospital yesterday.I was in ICU just after the procedure and was able to get a room the next day. I was up and walking on my own. I have had some side effects from the pain meds but I am dealing with them.

Today was a great day. I am on the road to recovery!

Thank you for the update! Wish you a speedy recovery!

Great news, Gibbs! Isn't it amazing what they can do ...


Hi gibbsc85,
Thank you for posting how well you did. We are all so glad you are doing well.