What ways have you found to save money on medications?

Hi Everyone

I was wondering what ideas you have learned to save money on medication.

For all people in Australia, my wife and I became aware only recently of the Australian Federal Government's "Net Medical Expenses" rebate, whereby a person can claim 10% or 20% of their out of pocket medical expenses as a tax deduction. This is over and above normal Medicare and any Private Health Insurance rebates. This is being phased out, so it is important to register before the end of 30 June this year.

I have also found that building a good relationship with one's local pharmacist (at least the way it works in Australia) is important - for customers they know are going to be large spenders and for a long-term, it's amazing how the prices can become much sharper.

For those in US and Canada, I believe the situation often is where people believe their only alternative is to purchase online from overseas. I believe there are special sites that at least can highlight which of those international suppliers are reputable. It's also important to probably categorise items - e.g. those that need refrigeration and/or IV administration need even more care than tablets.

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