4 months after recovery get dizzy is it normal?

my palpatations have gone but i still get shortness of breath now and then, not sure if its anything to do with anxiety? I was walking the dog few weeks ago when all of a sudden i got dizzy my vision was blurry so had sit down few minutes and went away, and today went back to gym doing weights and at end of my workout happen again. has anyone has this happen to, i think might because i working to hard and body is not use of it, or should i take it more easy cause i might reopen the asd hole?

I've had shortness of breath since my ASD procedure in May 2011. It's mostly in the morning when I get going for the day. It also occurs at other times but infrequently. I never had this prior to the procedure. My doctor doesnt seem concerned about it.

Anton said:

Hi Anthony

I can identify with the shortness of breath, blurred vision and vertigo, having put up with the same package of after-effects myself. Recovery times from ASD repair are decidedly variable. My first was six months, my second five months and, on this latter occasion, although the disturbing symptoms had faded away I regained my preoperative weight and strength only after two and a half years. Other people speak of feeling great within days of the repair. Slow healers can only envy these fortunate folk.

Yes, it is possible to reopen a repaired hole so I would have to recommend that you are cautious about exercise for a while, though walking the dog sounds pretty safe to me provided that it is not up hills or at a sustained fast pace.

If the breathlessness continues I suggest that you ask your physicians whether pulmonary hypertension is the legacy of your ASD. This can be a consequence of a "hole in the heart" that demands highly specialized management. You have suggested anxiety as a cause. Post-operative stress might be causing this breathlessness, especially if you underwent general anaesthesia, which can have some dramatic and longer-term after-effects. However, you have more than just breathlessness, in fact, a small group of symptoms, so I am inclined to think that there is a predominantly physical basis for what you are experiencing.

Take it easy, Anthony, give yourself time to heal without rushing the exercise routine, and make sure that your doctors know what is happening to you.

Best wishes


Hi I agree with Anton and Richard. I had my ASD repaired by open heart surgery December 17,2012. I was checked while at the hospital for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. I, unfortunately have the rare lung artery disease. I have issues daily with shortness of breath. I am on several oral and inhaled therapies. I have a hard time! The side effects of the drugs are difficult! Please have this checked out by your doctor or Pulmonary specialist.


Hi anthony, I hope that you continue to heal and feel better! Sending good thoughts your way!

Hi Anthony,

I too have breathlessness and went to my doc, the tests reveal I am ok and he can’t explain it other than to me being overweight. So he asked me to lose weight and or do a pulmonary test. Since I have been exercising and still run out of breath I will be moving forward with my tests.

You have other symptoms such as vertigo and dizziness so I agree with the other members that you go easy on the exercise (I was told not to exercise for about year I think) and keep your doc informed.

It is weird to have breathlessness but you are not alone as a lot of us here have the same problems to varying degrees.