Recovery 1 Month after asd

its a month now since my asd procedure with amplatzer Septal Occluder device. my hole was large it was 3.4cm. My palpatations have gone, i still get shortness of breath but not as often, i have a feeling alot of it is still anxiety cause when my breathing is fine i might think about my breathing and then i feel shortness of breath. I have a checkup on wednesday to make sure everything is in place. Its a month now so im thinking going back to the gym. I do weights in the gym for bulking up and stenght. Im going to ask the doctor on wednesday would it be alright to start back into training. Does anyone recomend get back into my gym routine or am i rushing into it cause i just dont know is it to early yet. Has anyone after asd closure after a month got back into there routine?

I had two Amplatz devices, followed by complications (internal bleed from groin where they placed the catheter, then atrial flutter needing cardioversion). But I still started back at the gym within a month, gently, and found I wsoom fitter then ever. Take advice from your cardiologist but exercise is probably the best thing you can do to stay healthy in the long run! Good luck

My ASD closure was March 5 2014, It was 1.3cm and right side of heart very enlarged. My palpitations are now gone also. I just saw my cardiologist Today and He recommended I start back exercising very gradually increasing what I can do. As time passes I am going about my business and thinking less about my heart, basically I am feeling very good I want to stay that way so I will follow my doctors advice.