Anyone in ireland with asd or waiting for repair?

hi im living in ireland 26yr old male, just found out nearly 1 year ago that i have asd defect. waiting on repair and just wondering anyone in ireland that has asd defect or has it been repaired? thanks


I live in UK but am irish, was born and lived there until I was 24.

I wouldn't be too worried. It has been found while you are still young. And according to many people here the device is very safe and recovery is quick enough.

Are you having it done in Dublin.

Hi, yes having it in dublin the maher hospital. should have it done in june, worse thing is waiting like, did you get yours repaired in ireland?


Haven't had mine closed yet. Only found it 3 months ago, still waiting to find out how it is going to be closed. Agree the waiting is tough.

The Maher is the best hospital in Ireland, so be grateful for that. June is not too far away now and you'll have it done for summer - if you can call 18 degrees and drizzle summer :)

Don't fret too much.


how did you find out you that you have asd, did you have symtoms? maher is good hospital thats good to hear, june not to far but feels like years ha, when will you know how its going to be closed?