Asd open heart

Hi. Im a ASD. And i had my surgery last march 15,2017. So I’m in two months now! I can still feel pain. How many months to recovery?

2 months or 2 years?

2 months from now.

Going 3 months next month. I can still the pain. What is the best thing to do?

You had open heart, right? Could you describe the pain?

Were you evwr diagnosed with ph?

What were your symptoms beforehand?

Yes. I had an open heart surgery last March 15,2017. It’s inborn. My symptoms was im in palpitation and hard breathing.

Yeah I have the same symptoms. Did you get diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension?

Yes. My findings was ASD PAPVR. How about you? Had u ungergo a open heart surgery too?

Mine was transcath. Open heart can take a really long time to heal. When was your last echo?

Im not done yet with my 2D echo when i had my surgery. But next month will do.

Perfect can you do it any sooner?

Hi, I hope your recovery is going well, I seem to have a similar story, but haven’t got as far as you, and have a couple of questions on post surgery, but first this is my story so far, hope it doesn’t bore you.
I went to my GP for a routine medical in Nov 2016, he heard a heart murmur, was referred to hospital for an external ultra sound that showed an enlarged right side of the heart.(luckily in New Zealand we have free national health service for such things). which found that I have a asd, I then went to hospital on 31-5-2017 for transcath through the groin to deploy the closure device, when the surgeon went in with the measuring balloon they found the the hole instead being 26mm as they thought from the TEE, but it actually turned out to 34mm so too big for the device, they took all measurements and things needed for an open heart procedure and sent me home that after noon. now I have to wait for the call up for open heart.
My questions are really, how would you recommend setting up the house for recovery, bed in living room (that sort of thing). Is the pain as bad as they say? any advice you could give me? thanks

Sheety how are you as of today.Please update on your recovery post OHS

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Hi, wanted to know how you you feel physically and mentally after OHS.My 19 year old son has to get ASD closure through OHS and I am so scared.

Hi Sheety,
Have you done OHS for fixing your ASD. My husband has similiar condition like you and he is 47 years old. We are planning our surgery in few months. Please help us know how was your recovery process.