ASD trans cath closure adult

Hey guys, I had my ASD closure yesterday. Not as bad as I expected. But my question is this, if you have the defect fixed, do you still say you have congenital heart issues? My husband and I had this conversation last night.

No I won’t call it that, but it is a heart defect that was patched up with a device and it should work and pumped blood with not clots going through it. I think as long as you can be active without short of breath and no major heart issues your pretty normal like any Heathy heart. I had a PFO closure three years ago so far so good but still get Afib every once in a while.

Hmm, my Dr. Does so I guess I would say yes. That and the fact that I’m still taking all the Meds and see the Cardiologist every 4 months.