Atrial Septal Aneurysm (ASA)with small defect

I am feel so scared about this. I was told I have ASA which my dr. called a floppy septum. My doctor said my pfo is so tiny he would just label it an AD and doesn’t want to plug it. I’m so worried about the ASA. What would you do in my situation, I feel lost? I keep having bouts of techacardia as well but my dr says they are anxiety related.

Hi Ashley,
ASAs have degrees and it is based on how much they project into the atria and which way. What is yours doing? Take care, Linda

Thanks for coming by and letting us know what's happening. You had me worried! Is that what caused you to feel so poorly?

It sounds as if you're in good, expert hands as far as your heart is concerned. If the doctor thinks the tachycardia is from anxiety, do you think you might be able to learn some relaxation or bio-feedback techniques? When I was having some trouble with anxiety last year, I found some meditation programs on the internet. The guided meditation sound tracks are free and very pleasant and relaxing. I've kind of got away from doing it, but I think I need to go back. Thanks for the reminder!


Thank you for the replies! I don’t know the exact degree of ASA I have. I felt like the dr. gave me very little information even after my questions so I’m going to get a second opinion on Nov. 4. Everything I’ve read about ASA scares me. It all points to stroke which is what makes me so fearful.
I’m wondering if there is a real association between ASA and stroke or if it’s the PFO that is the real concern in regards to that.
Thank you for the communication; it helps during such a confusing time.


Hi Ashley,
Glad you are getting a second opinion on Nov. 4. It will be here before you know it. It is not unusual for Drs. to talk fast or not give as much info as we like. That is why sometimes it is better to bring a second person and/or write your questions and their answers down. I believe they know what they are talking about but we often don’t. Sorry you are so nervous about it. I never had a blood clot but we are all so different. My testing in 2010 did not show an ASA but by 2011 it was there, even though I was not repaired until late 2013. Take care, Linda