Best Hospital for Open Heart Surgery in Houston Tx

Any recommendation which is the best hospital/Surgeon in Houston area for open heart surgery.

Can’t comment on USA people sorry, but I’d say - make sure you get specialist for your particular type of condition, and/or a specialist hospital.

I luckily saw an Adult Congenital Heart Disease expert and he was more specific than the initial general cardiologist. Expert did the diagnoses, including my catheter angio pictures, then passed me to an ACHD specialist surgeon, who was also great.

Specialist hospital also helps, as ICU & general nurses are more familiar with your condition & needs. Also the Echo & MRI teams are more used to looking at similar scans, and the ward is likely to have things like “telemetry” for everyone post surgery (stay-on ECG monitor that flash their PC if heart rate goes outside limits).

Very best of wishes, we’re all here if you have Q’s.

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Hello @chaitra, have you been able to locate someone in your region yet?

-Arjuna from ModSupport

Yes. I met two surgeons from different hospitals. Yet to decide where to go for the Surgery.



@chaitra… how r u now ? I hope ur leading a healthy life… do share Ur experience … take care