Are specialized hospitals and teams required for surgically correcting ADS?

I would imagine that this is really not something you can hope to accomplish at your local small town hospital. If you had a good outcome, would you care to share the name of your hospital?

SK-I think finding a good surgeon is the first step. That surgeon likely is affiliated with a hospital well-equipped. My daughter had her ASD repaired via OHS at Children's Mercy in Kansas City, which may not be helpful to you at all. Your cardiologist could probably recommend someone. Best of luck to you!

That makes perfect sense, thanks so much, kcmom!

My heart surgery was performed by the cardiologists at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. There were 2 cardiologists in for the surgery sice, at the time amplatzer had only been around for 6 years. Dr. Freddie and Dr. Crenshaw. I like thaem both but Freddie had better bedside manor and listening skills.

I had my closure done at Duke University Hospital in Durham North Carolina by Dr.. Todd Keifer. When I had my first consult with him I didn't care for him as he seemed real short and dry with his answers. But the day of the closure was a different story, he listened to my worries I had before they took me down to the cath lab. He also explained everything he was doing as thing progressed. After my slosure he came in and explained everythig again and then said he would see me in the morning after my overnight stay. I asked to be discharged as early as possible as we had an almost 3 hour drive home and if went early there wouldn't be any traffic. He was in my room at 7am and by 9 am I was on my way home.