Diagnostic testing

My doctor has recommended surgery with my only testing being an echo and TEE. I was surprised. I thought there would be further testing to check pulmonary pressure, health of the arteries, and imaging. I am interested what testing others have it have not been recommended prior to surgery.

I had Echo with bubble study--this is where they found the significant hole. Then I had a TEE. (Drop the camera down your throat.) Then I had a TCD to determine if they pushed bubbles through an I.V.; if the bubbles would reach my brain. And they did. They heard a LOT of bubbles go up to my brain, which was the big push for having the procedure done. As far as testing your arteries, ect....your doctor should be able to tell how strong your artery pressure point is just by doing a manual push test with his/her hands. Feeling the pulses in both sides of your legs. On the day of the procedure, before they took me back I had a chest x-ray done. But I would push to have the TCD done before jumping on the ship of closure unless you've had TIA's or stroke already. Symptomatic basically. I'm on the generic for Plavix and have to be careful around germs/people for 6 months. Best of luck!

Hi Nina, I had an Asd Closure in October 3. The only test I had prior was an echo which found the defect and later a TEE with bubble study.

Only on ECHO. But the correct one comes after doing 4 times in different research institutes in different cities. I have done the ECHO 7 times within 2 months in different metro cities. Out of them 3 were matched diagnostic reports. After that only I went through surgery of my little daughter. Now she is fine.

Hi Nina Marie,

I had numerous echos, a couple of TEEs, ECGs and an MRI and saw over 10 cardiologists/surgeons before I made my final decision. All ASDs case are different and mine included the fact that I have a bleeding disorder (blood does not clot without help which is tricky for surgery and I can not be on blood thinners which makes device close tricky as well).