Does anyone have pulmonary hypertension?

I am three months out from my ASD closure by Amplatzer device. It was about the size of a quarter. The doctor says my right ventricle is enlarged and "It's not that bad." He had another dr. look at it too.I am a 44 year old female and mother of two energetic boys.I did great after the procedure for a while. I had an increase in energy, less numbness in hands and feet, and a major decrease in shortness of breath. After about a month and a half that began to change and has continued to worsen since then. I have to wait a little while before seeing my cardiologist but I think I may have pulmonary hypertension. Here's what's going on. I am experiencing extreme fatigue, dizziness, chest pains with pressure feeling, leg aches, and some heart palpitations. The thing that really concerns me is my shortness of breath and inability to do ANYTHING. Just putting a load of laundry in causes shortness of breath and weird coughing. Tried to make some returns at a department store and could not walk across it without sitting down. I feel like I just can't breathe, just shallow breaths. When I see the doctor they are doing an echo. Are there any questions I should specifically ask? Thanks for your ideas! Happy New Year!

Hi,I haven't bee on here for awhile now,Is everything ok for you now

I went to my cardiologist and he thinks it could be one of two things. One could be a nickel allergy so right now the ASD device is taped to my back waiting to see if there is a reaction. The other might be that it is rubbing on my aorta. If it is not one of those he says it's something weird. He said he believes me and my symptoms are not acceptable. He is referring me to Mayo clinic.

George said:

Hi,I haven't bee on here for awhile now,Is everything ok for you now

Hey Stac! I just became a member and I saw your post and I wanted to ask if you ever had AFIB? I had my surgery in 2004 and there are times I feel my heart have palpatations. Last year in 2011 my heart was having irregular heart beats and right away my cardiologist said I had AFIB. All your symptoms sound just like me. I would lose my breath just tying my shoes and I couldn't do anything cause I was so tired. The doctor ended up shocking my heart with paddles and that gave my regular heart beat back. I hope they find whats wrong with you cause it surely scares me!

My name is Sharney but for some reason I am under my husbands computer and finding this was a challenge.I have been having problems with fast heart beats,now they have me on blood thinners for the rest of my life and also pills to to keep my heart from going over 100 BPM,and pills to keep the rythem. I am starting to feel like a drug store,I can't believe I am on all these pills and I am not even allowed to have a glass of wine or any alcohol.It blows my mind I will be like this for the ret of my life,,and answers from the Doctors in english is an understatment.