Post ASD (Amplatzer) closure symptoms

closed my ASD vide Cath procedure with Amplatzar device recently. 1 week after I had mild palpitations (I guess skipping beats), not rapid though and it's continuing into week 3 after closure! I have read that many of you had this symptom for a month and it disappeared?

Also what are the reasons for this? Is it the Heart is adjusting to the new device? I have never had this symptom and so clearly it's an outcome of the procedure. Just trying to figure it out and see what's been the general experience.



Dear Raj,

Sorry to hear that you are still not quite well yet. Hopefully your body will adjust and you will feel the benefits very soon!

I am hoping other ASD patients will share their wisdom with you!

Wishing you well,


Your heart may not like the device and it may take time for things to settle down. I would contact cardiologist and explain what is happening. I developed atrial fib and I still take meds for that 2.5 years after procedure.

My doc has recccomended me to wear a Zio patch to get an accurate assessment of my palpitations! Anyone used it and been of help? Seems to be a popular device/ process for tracking heart rhythm

I’ve been dealing with Afib and PACs (premature atrial contractions) for four years , since having the amplatzer device installed. I just switched electrophysiologists and completed another 30day Heart monitor. The Dr. Said one possibility may be to have ablations performed around te device .

I’ve been on several combinations of rate control and rythym control medications over the years. As well.

Good luck !!!

Hi there,

I had an ASD closure with an Amplatzar device on the 13th of November and I too, feel mild palpitations at times. I've called my doctor several times and have been reassured that this is normal as the body is trying to adjust to having this foreign object inside. I've been told that it will go away as will the chest pains I feel sometimes. Hope this helps.