Eight months and counting

Hi all,

Life has been normal since the procedure for me. Am much better in a lot of ways . I tend to sleep on my side and like the left side but cant as i feel heavy on the heart. Do you feel that too?
Does our condition worsen over time despite the surgery? So far my internet research indicates its all ok.
Well i guess no need to be alarmed.

Happy Easter to all of you.


Do youhave shortness of breath?

Hi ayl291, yes at times i still do. I also find myself gasping for breath at times. Why?

Im still feeling pretty bad. Lots of shortness of breath but slighlty
better. I am 3 months post surgery you?

Hi Ayl291,

I am going to complete 1 year this august- in a few days.

You know what I am thinking these days, because it is the heart so it tends to play on the mind a lot more. Like is this going to lead to something else despite having a successful surgery. I think one tries to find meaning and solutions for every sensation/ experience that happens now. At least that is the case with me. So I try to talk myself out of it even say it is imagination. I come here hoping to know how patients cope with this as it is not practical to run to the doctor especially since they run tests and have no subsequent treatment to offer when they cant find a visible anomaly.

I still have a lot of the same symptoms even 11 years after surgery. Shortness of breath, trouble gaining weight, low appetite, heart murmur, lightheaded at times, etc. It’s just not as bad as it once was.

Hi Andrew,

Nice of you to share your experiences of 11 years. This confirms my thoughts that side effects exist much to the opposite of what doctors say that after the surgery one is fine.

We share a few side effects in that i get discomfort , pain and even breathlessness. My appetite is ok could be better but the worst is that i put on weight and that is my worst battle as i try to stay in shape.

How do you cope with this as i find i am always behind others. Earlier i put it down to my being overweight and inadequate efforts but now that i know i have this i wonder how much can one attribute to it?

By responding you answered my long posted questions about signs to look out for/ what to expect post surgery. Much appreciate your response. Thank You.

Looking forward to further interactions.


I’ve basically just learned to live with it. I make sure to take breaks when exercising to catch my breath and lower my heart rate. My cardio has gotten much better from biking. I bike all over town now and seem to be able to bike for longer each time. I always take a break after 2 miles or so. My heart rate has gone sky high from going uphills. I try to take it easier going uphills now rather than trying to race up them like before.

Thats good to know as myself too am working out to get in shape. I rejoinedthe gym after about 10 months and started weight training . My cardiologist said i could and that was in last november. I just took my time.

I get really breathless and take breaks too. This feels good actually to do cardio and weights. I walk as much as possible but plan to use the treadmill also.

Are you in touch with the doctor? I am supposed to have annual check ups. And then reduce those too.

Its great hearing from you. Respond as and when you like and feel free to write to me about your experiences as and when you like. Its awesome to know someone is ok since 11 years post op. I wish you many more happy and healthy years ahead.

Be sure to check out the thread I just posted about my story. I went really in depth with it. I have gone back to the cardiologist every 6 months since. Now, I am down to seeing them about once a year.