One year since surgery

Hi all,
The purpose of this post is to let you know my observations about my progress and the overall quality of my life.

The good things: Before even being detected that I had ASD I experienced constant discomfort in my left hand which were most noticeable at night. This would also impact the quality of my sleep (which was bad) and I would experience jerky movements in hands and shoulders at night. This has now significantly reduced / stopped as I do experience it sometimes.

Now I am at reduced risk to subsequent complications which arise had I not been treated at all.

The side effects: I do feel pain am made aware that there is something inside when I bend or toss in bed/ try to sleep on the side of my heart.

Pain inside chest/ heart a lot of times day or night and this feels due to the device

Shortness of breath

Otherwise I am ok


when was your surgery?

Last year 31st July 2016. Hope this helps

now pass 6 months and half to my surgery. they fix devise 35 mm. still i feel same of your symptoms. the result of my last echo show that my heart under sterss and some blood passing to other side. any one have answer for that or has same experience?

If blood is still passing to the other side then either the dedvice is not completely occluding the hole or you have another hole.

Hello, my name isMegan and I am 40 yrs old. I am suppose to have my asd surgery next month. I am just wondering how long is recovery and is recovery painful? (The surgery is suppose to be cathader in my groin.

Hi Megan,

I had the Amplatzer device too. I had a general anaesthetic and after I woke up I was monitored for 6 hours after to make sure no bleeding as you get blood thinner. I went home the same night. At the groin area where they accessed for the catheter, it was a bit sore for about a week. I felt very tired and a bit stunned for the first 3 days after, and another 4 weeks of regular low impact exercise to feel like myself again.

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Hello Dvorak,
So, I had my surgery on Friday, they twilighted me 3 times and I kept waking up. During surgery they found 2 holes with a space between them, but they were able to cover both holes with 1 device. They kept me for a day for observation. Sometimes I can feel my heart beating. What does the permanent card look like? What is general (were you knocked out)?
I wonder with my PFO’s covered what about the ASA? What do you have?

Hi Megan,

Glad to hear things went well.

I had general anaesthesia so I was asleep the whole time.

I had the ASD device and needed to be on aspirin.

If you feel your heart racing, then have your doctor check it out with EKG to make sure everything is alright.

Hope you have a good recovery

Not sure what you mean by permanent card?