Fear of sudden death

Hi, I’m six months post OHS for asd closure and have developed a fear of sudden death. Physically I have healed well but emotionally I feel very jumpy at times. Anyone else felt this way. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Ragdoll,

Glad to hear that you’ve healed well! I had my closure repaired via keyhole 15 years ago (I’m currently 20). I definitely understand how you’re feeling. I know my circumstances are very different from yours, but I can reassure that it definitely gets easier with time. I’ve done a lot of contact sports, and I’ve always been aware that one hard hit in the right spot could probably kill me, but over time you will learn to live with it, in a way.

I’d definitely recommend speaking with your cardiologist about this for the reassurance from a specialist, and even consider a therapist who specialises in illness related concerns.

Learning to live with a change regarding a vital organ such as the heart is definitely tough, but the chances of anything happening this far post-op are slim to none.


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Hi Izzy, Thank you so much for taking the time to offer your support - it honestly means so much to me. I regretted posting my fears as I worried that I sounded like a total fruit loop. I’m now one year and 3 months post op and doing so much better mentally. Yoga has helped a lot. It’s great that you are so active with your sport .Well done you :+1:! It’s also fantastic that you have no restrictions. Thanks again :sunflower::blush:

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