Please help me

I’m having my ASD closed tomorrow… I am so terrified of the damage already done. What frightens me most is the pulmonary hypertension. I am 33 and the doctor tells me I shouldn’t have a problem but I can’t help feeling so scared. I am in a bathroom at work crying and feeling dumb but I can’t help it. I’m so sorry for this post but I just had to let it out and I know many of you understand what on going through.

It is ok to be scared, I was working a couple of hours before my surgery and I submerge myself from tasks so I cannot think about it, but I realized that support from friends and family, where I really get my strength. It's going to be a challenge, remember that you are not alone and anything you feel that is difficult will pass, take one-day at a time, rest and recover at your will, any concerns (I'm sure there will be, physiologically and psychological) your doctor, nurses, family, friends and us here are just around.

Knowing that you posted this while at work shows the real fighter in you, Magda! You'll get through it, and when you do, you'll be surprised how much stronger it has made you become. Keep us posted, dear.

Thank you, Helen and Armando… Still very anxious but knowing I’m not the only one out there dealing with this thing definitely helps. :slight_smile: only a few hours now!


How are you? How did everything go with your closure yesterday?

We are all thinking about you.


Thank you all so much for the support… It helped me tremendously! I was pretty scared when I got into the operating room… I guess it was so real and I felt I was in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (sans McDreamy or McSteamy :frowning: ). The staff was amazing and put Foo Fighters on the radio and made me laugh w silly jokes. But very soon after, I was chilling and watching basketball :slight_smile: I feel good but I have a couple of questions: when I came out of the anesthesia, I found it very hard to breathe and I started to freak until the nurse told be it was normal and gave me oxygen. That dissipated now my breathing is peachy. :slight_smile: Anyone experience this? Oh! The doc told my sister to tell me there are no problem in my lungs… Yay!! :smiley: one more question… Now that the anesthesia is wearing off, my chest is getting kind over achy and I’ve been feeling a few funky palpitations. The nurses don’t seem too concerned. Anyone felt this? Again, thank you all so much.


Thanks for the update. We are so pleased to hear they took great care of you and most importantly your ASD is closed.

Would it be possible for you to start another discussion with the great questions you pose above? We want to make sure others can clearly see your questions in a new discussion and can easily find it (post closure recovery questions). Would that be ok with you?
Thanks and again congrats!!


Thanks John! I will start another discussion with the questions and also, with the some questions I just asked my cardiologist regarding the very rare complications of the device and the answers he gave me. :slight_smile:

Hi So how did your surgery go ? I meet with my surgeon today.................I am sick to my stomach ugh ! stressed with a horrible headache.

My surgery went very well. I had robotic open heart surgery on May 18, 2010. I was back in the gym three weeks post surgery. I was back at full tilt on the training front after two months and less than six months after surgery I ran the NY City Marathon in 3hrs 36mins to raise money and awareness for Ben's Friends. I was fit and healthy going in and came out of it perfectly well. Mine was randomly found during sinus surgery in December 2009.

Any doctor/surgeon etc...has to make you feel comfortable about your condition and what they envision doing.
You will be grand. I wish I could be there with you but please reach out to me/us after your meeting.

We are thinking of you.

Is there a reason why you had the robotic open heart surgery ? Did they sew the hole closed ? I am getting apprehensive about having this "foreign body" put inside me I am scheduled to go in Aug 22nd to have the Amplatzer closure device.