Go for Operation - Yes or No

I am 48 years. 2 daughters of 19 & 14 years of age. I teach from 8 to 3 everyday. Been diagnosed with ASD.

We live to die...

My father, husband & daughters are vehemently against the operation as they feel they might lose me to death, infections or more unknown critical pain & problems.

I want to know how much do I put at stake, how bad can it get health wise ?

What can be done to minimalise the effects if I chose to live with the ASD instead of going for the operation ?

Oongshu, none of us can evaluate your personal situation, but I will tell you that our members generally do quite well after surgery, though people are naturally anxious beforehand. Can you bring your family along to your next doctor's appointment to speak to your doctor and hear a reasoned assessment of the risks and benefits? I do occasionally hear of families who do not want their family members to have a much-needed surgery out of irrational fears, and I am wondering if that may be the case here.