Hair loss and appendix problems

Has anyone experienced hair thinning since being on the medication and also problems with bowls and appendix

Hi Leanne,

About a year after I had my ASD fixed with Amplatzer device, I developed alopecia areata on top of head. It is an auto-immune process where there is hair loss and a bald spot appears. My dermatologist is not sure what triggered it, but could be associated with Nickel from the device. But there is also Nickel in foods as well such as black tea, chocolate, oats, bananas, pears, etc… After a year of treatment with steroid injections, my hair grew back.

My appendix is still happy and not caused any problems.

Check with your doctor about your thyroid function in case that is causing hair loss, and if you discover bald spots, then refer to dermatologist.

Good luck

Hi, yes same here I developed Alopecia after 1 1/2 years later from my PFO closure. Iam still getting steroid injections and using Rogaine also taking Finastide I had a scalp biopsy and lab work and I have an autoimmune that attacked my hair and I am a hairdresser where I have to look good all the time😩 but other wise Iam feeling great! I rarely have anymore AFib. But I find this topic intestine with the hair loss and wondering if any others have develop an auto immune? sure hope it doesn’t attack my device!

Which medication?

I was put on 2 for first month and now just on Asprin 81 mg.

My appendix was taken out 8 years before they found the PFO.

My hair has been falling out for 18 months. It started almost a year before they found the PFO.

I have had digestive disease my entire life including gastroparlysis, IBS, Colitis, and chronic constipation. Once they closed the PFO, I saw an improvement in stomach discomfort.

I had an PFO closure two years ago and my hair was falling out a year after that and I tested positive for auto immune alopecia but got Cortizone shots in my scalp that help. I wonder if my body is try to attack the device in my PFO closure?