A-Fib after ASD closure

I have had serious a-fib and shortness of breath since my procedure in May 2012. I've been on several meds since then. Currently, flecainide, metoprolol, and pradaxa. I've also developed sleep apnea and now use a CPAP machine. It has been a difficult process. My surgeon states that the stat's are changing with more and more folks having a-fib and related issues after the procedure. I did well for the first 2 weeks and then everything went haywire. These beta blockers have helped but I have lost a lot of energy.

Did you have surgery or closure with Gore Helex or Amplatzer?

I got A-Fib because of the ASD before anyone found it. I tried many medication combos to try to keep the A-FIb from coming back after a cardioversion. I stayed out of A-Fib for months and had an ablation for it and an ablation for V-tach before I had a closure with a Gore Helex.

I am sorry to say all the combinations of antiarrhythmics and beta blockers I have taken made me tired. I take metoprolol now and I do not like it. I am so tired and have gained weight. I call my electrocardiologist to see if there is any other drug to try that might make me feel a little less tired but I doubt it.

I took Pradaxa until I fell and hit my head hard about 3 months ago and had to stay in the hospital over night because they were afraid of bleeding in my brain. I now take 2 baby aspirins because of the closure. My electrocardiologist said I could stop the Pradaxa because I am out of A-Fib and I so hope it does not come back. When I took Pradaxa I stopped it from time to time for ablations and took warfarin and gave myself shots of another drug one time. It is better than a stroke.

This is just my opinion and not worth much but I would not take Pradaxa again, a drug that helps keep the blood from coagulating with no way to test it is a bad thing. I would take warfarin.

I also use a CPAP machine. What kind do you use?

When do you go and talk to your doctor? Maybe trying some other combinations of meds. will helps some.

Does your doctor think the A-Fib can be stopped in time?

Hang in there, I feel like you will get better. It is strange, time flies so fast, but feeling better from all this takes so long.