Heart Falure after ASD Closure

Hello, I had my surgical closure on 10/19/17. I visited my surgeon yesterday and he informed me that I was in Right Sided Heart Failure. I have to go for further testing to determine the treatment options. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Yeah post closure my ventricle dilated. Mine started with pulmonary embolism and that blowing the asd wider and creating a aneurysm in the wall. I’ve been so short of breath for almost 3 years now. Mine was closed 8 months ago and that’s when the ventricle dilated. My esv and edv are increased and slightly reduced ejection fraction on the right side. So tired of this. Were your pulmonary artery pressures dilated before closure? Did you do open heart or trans Cath? What are your symptoms?

Hi ayl921 and Bliss,
I would like to know how are you doing now and how did the ventricle dialtion treated. It is surprising for me to know after asd closure, the ventricle dilate and could lead to heart failure. My husband is going to undergo surgery for ASD and his heart pressures are measured and they are normal. Could you also let me know whether your pressures were high before surgery ?

My pressures we’re completely normal prior to surgery.

My dyspnea, chest tightness and pressure have not improved since surgery.

I am working with physicians to try and find what else is causing my symptoms.

Does your husband have symptoms?

Hi ayl291
My husband does not have symptoms of dyspnea or chest tightness.
Till now, he did not have any symptoms of ASD. Its just a heart murmer which the doctor diagnosed and lead to further tests to identify ASD.
My best wishes for you to recover from the dyspnea ! Take care. Stay positive!

Hi Bliss

How are you feeling? Did the cardiologist figure out why the right ventricle was still dilated? Has it remodeled to normal?

When I was diagnosed with ASD my right ventricle was severely dilated at 5 cm and my left ventricle was tiny at 3.4 cm in comparison. It took a whole year for my right ventricle to remodel and my left ventricle to accommodate increased volume from the lungs/right side of the heart. Amazing that the heart is so plastic and can reshape itself! I had no idea this was possible before getting sick. Now I feel better with my “new” heart: 4 cm right ventricle and 4.8 cm left ventricle. This way at least for my heart is a happier balance for it to work better.

I hope that your right ventricle has had a chance to get better … let us know how things are going.