Helping to understand Chronic Pain/illness

As someone who has been "sick" for about 2 years now - I found this post on FB today and wanted to share. I think it helps explains to those around us why we sometimes act the way we do.

I hope it's ok to post a URL on this board? But I thought the ideas mentioned were spot on.

I would not say I have chronic pain - but I do feel like I deal with illness on a daily basis - I thought this website was very good at explaining that.

have a great day!


Hi Jennifer,
Chronic illness is rarely understood often even by those that live with you. Many of us were ill before procedures and some remain or become ill after. An analogy I enjoy using to address how different we are as individuals is that if you hear hoofbeats behind you upon turning you would expect to see horses but we are zebras! We make the same noise but look totally different. Any of us with a rarer or different diagnosis from the mainstream is a zebra. Doctors are very slowly learning how to deal with zebras. ASDs are treated very differently now than from even 5 years ago. Often the objective( what is actually present or visible to others) verses the subjective( which is how we feel) is what others see us as. It doesn’t make it right. Hopefully being proactive when visiting medical professionals will help us be more understood. Take care, Linda

Great article.

This might interest you. Fits with what you are saying.