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Hi Everyone

One of our great Moderators (Mads) on the Living With Erythromelalgia site came up with a great idea that we thought was worth sharing across the board.

I know some of you are not chronically ill, or in chronic pain, but chances are you will know people who are (and sometimes might unfortunate;y be so, yourself - I am). hence, I will always share it.

I trust it helps,


Here is Mads' post:

Dear Members,

Just to inform you that we are starting a new feature called 'Hotdesk'. From October 1st we are going to be bringing you a monthly update of 'whats hot 'and 'whats not' in terms of the most interesting, informative and bizarre pain research news.

Best wishes,

Mod team

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Very impressive!

One of the things I am revisiting is Lidoderm patches on the lumbar at night. These are more lasting for numbing the pain of lying on my back than rubs, creams or sprays!

The Xenon research sounds promising!