How and when did you find out you had ASD? What were your symptoms?

I found out in December 2009 during a clearance exam for sinus surgery. My internist was clearing me for sinus surgery when she spotted right bundle branch blockage on my EKG and then sent me for an echocardiogram where it was obvious I had secundum ASD. I have run marathons, triathlons, half ironman and live a very active lifestyle but had no symptoms.

I had something that I thought might be a TIA (mini stroke) in mid February. So the next day I went to see the doc (yes, I know..with a TIA I should have gone in immediately) they did some tests..EKG, bubble study etc. but I was feeling fine. A month later I went in to see the results of the study ..assuming it was just a consultation visit.. and the doctor asked me if I knew why I was there. I responded "to see the results of the testing that was done"

He responded with "well let me tell you why you are really here." first time in my like that I was ever told that that I had a 2-flap valve instead of 3. But he continued. "But you are really here because it appears to have a hole in your heart that is causing right-sided heart failure.

My surgery is a week from Friday.

Very, very similar to my story. Hope it goes well for you.

I had a mini-stroke in November 2010. I had been feeling very tired and had lots of headaches so I simply thought I needed to cut down on stress and work. I also had some hormonal treatments to be able to have my child that I gave birth to 3 years ago at the age of 39. My fatigue made sense to me. I was not expecting them to find something “wrong” with me. I was stunned with the results. I’m also waiting for a procedure to close the hole. I still feel tired alot and have headaches. I also have a droopy eyelid since the mini-strike. I can’t wait to get this done. Sending good vibes your way Chromedome.

I'm 28 years old. I was looking to have surgery for a torn meniscus on my knee. Before the surgery my doctor did a physical exam and found a murmur. I was then sent to do and EKG, echo, and a TEE which confirmed the ASD.

Before finding out about ASD I had no symptoms at all. I'm a very active guy. Usually run between 15 to 20 miles per week and spend a good amount of time at the gym.

not sure where to start - so much to say on this best recommendation is to read my blog and book

In summary - avid triathlete, training long bike rides and started losing vision in my right eye, lead to series of tests all connected to brain. A specialist at the Cleveland Clinic (where I was referred to by coincidence), listened to my heart, heard the murmur and then sent me for an echo...the rest is history. Two weeks later I was operated and told my heart was close to failing. 8 months later I did an Ironman Triathlon and I have never felt better. I was 41 when I was diagnosed back in March 2010. Had I not been so active, I would probably not be here writing this. I am one of the lucky ones for I decided to write a book about my year and share my story....