Hygiene after open heart surgery

I was recently diagnosed with ASD and will be having open heart surgry on the 25th. The question I am having a having a hard time getting answers to are hygiene related question for wemon of child bearing age. So here it goes. How did you deal with your period/ shave your legs once you started to feel better.

Hi there! I can answer half the question you ask, legs. Fortunately for me I no longer have the other issue.
I guess it depends on how your repair is being done. Mine was done with an incision under my right breast. I have a stool built into my shower so that was helpful the first few days as that is when it hurt most. At first, I sat to shave, but as I healed I would just shave putting my foot up on the stool as usual.
Maybe use a plastic chair and plastic step stool in the shower if you have those?

I, personally, wouldn’t worry about shaving anything until you’re 100% back! There are much bigger problems in your life than unshaved legs (which is a false beauty concepts made popular in America in the 1940s https://mic.com/articles/151191/the-unusual-and-deeply-sexist-history-of-women-removing-their-body-hair#.c7QTEdHrr).

As for your other question, I don’t have the issue so I don’t have any ideas. Maybe a nurse at the surgeon’s can help with ideas? Or a home health caregiver might have ideas?


Thank you for the ideas

Do you know if it will be the open chest or will it be the smaller incision?

It will be open chest.:unamused: I was disappointed that I can not find any information online to answer my questions and I am not meeting with the surgeon until a week before the surgery.

No sure it has anything to do with it. I had mine repaired by 2 catheters in my groin (not near privates at all). It is inner of thighs.