I have a Question

I had my ASD closure surgery about 8 years ago. I went to the 6 month checkup afterwards in which they did an echo and said everything was fine. I did not go to the Cardiologist since. I was moving around alot and putting it off. I just not got settled here in California. I went to my PCP in Aug. and they are not very good at doing there jobs it took untill last month (December) too get a referal to the Cardiologist. Needless to say i showed up and I only had authorization to get the echo and not to see the Cardiologist. They messed up something. I was out of town for a couple weeks and didnt hear back any thing from my pcp about my echo so i called them. The nurse told me she put it through so that i could see the Cardiologist. I asked her about my echo. She said it says "abnormal". I asked her can you tell me more, she said give me a minute. Then she came back on and said, "ummm did you have a prior heart condition"? At this point she should know that i've already had surgery in my past and shouldnt be asking me this because we've been over it a million times. So i told her yes. She said that the results says "abnormal" because of the ASD closure in the past. So my question is...Does any of your echo's come back abnormal because of your prior asd closures? I called the cardiologist office and they just said they'll go over the results when i come in. Its probably nothing but has me a bit paranoid since i havent seen the Cardiologist in 8 years. And i have been experiencing chest pains on and off the past year. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this!! :)