Insurance Concerns

I have a two fold question for anyone who might have suggestions or advice. I had my ASD/PFO repair done at the end of May, recovery has gone well, still struggling to get my energy back but no complaints. My first question: my husband lost his job at the end of June which means no more insurance coverage to help with the follow-up medical care that I will need for the next several months. Does anyone know if there might be grants or financial assistance available? Second question: Has anyone had the experience of being denied health insurance due to “preexisting condition” after having a repair done and if so any help or suggestions for helping to get coverage again? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a million.

In your second question, my Insurance which is Cigna (here in Las Vegas) did not deny me of my surgery last March and any medical check-ups and medications following it all. I have heard that prior to Obamacare, I would have been denied specifically as what I have is congenital/acquired through birth (pre-existing condition)

I’ve never been denied health insurance but they say they will never give me life insurance cover due to the ASD- That’s in Australia.