I had my ASD closure in March 2014. I've done terrific since then but last week at a routine check up my internal medicine doctor did an EKG. I now have Left Bundle Branch Block with some significant changes. He wants me seen by the cardiologist ASAP. Has anyone else had this?

I haven’t had that… but I can tell you my experience. I had an ASD/PFO closure done in June of 2010. I felt great afterwords! Holy crap! You don’t realize just how bad you felt till your better haha! I ended up having unrelated surgeries every year till 2013. Fall of 2013 I started feeling bad again. I have the best cardiologist who actually listens to me now when I tell him something is wrong. Especially since it took almost 2 years to find the ASD. So he started re testing. It wasn’t until April of 2014 that after under going a stress test with the drugs and pictures that we found that I had a mitral valve prolapse and blockages, and blood work showed diabetes. Within a few months I was experiencing dizzy spells and near passing out episodes. In August of 2014 I had an internal loop recorder put in. January this year I got a pacemaker. I also now have sick sinus syndrome and chronic diastolic heart failure. I just went in April to have the pacemaker moved for placement issues and a cardiac catheterization for the blockages. I was a little nervous for the 3rd heart related procedure in 9 months after being told they wouldn’t know how bad till they got in there and it could go into open heart. Thankfully we could just leave it be for now. I was under a lot of stress in my job (Law enforcement) and 3 weeks ago after getting sick, he put me on time out from work. I asked my Doctor if all of these issues were caused by the ASD/PFO or stress. He told me both. So realizing that I had to change my life before it killed me. In 2 days I chose a new career path, quit my law enforcement career of 19 years and am moving on. Scary at 53! I guess my point is, everyone is different and what happened to me probably won’t happen to anyone else, But I truly believe that while life saving, there are risks. I think the best medicine is be positive, get rid of drama causing people/issues, take control and ask questions. While all my problems started with genetic defects (and I call my dad every once in a while and say gee dad! Thanks for the heart! Haha) I know that the stress I allow to happen to me hasn’t helped. I hope this doesn’t sound negative in any way! I truly don’t feel that way! In fact I usually use humor :). I tell the catch lab people that you know how most cars have a 50,000 mile warranty? I think mine expired at 50 lol! So chin up! Think positive! Ask questions. There is no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to you living!