My LIS (Least Invasive Surgery ) experience, patient with 3.1cm ASD

I underwent LIS(Least Invasive Surgery) for ASD closure on July 4th and was discharged from hospital on 7th July. Thanks to Dr.Adil Sadiq and his team. I would also like to thank all the fellow members in this forum whose inputs eventually helped me to make the right decision. If you are an adult with a larger ASD it would be better to go for LIS as this procedure involves minimal incision and fast recovery .
On the day of discharge i took bath and dressed up myself. After 15 days i drove myself to the nearby clinic for stitch removal.Unlike device closure, no device is placed inside the heart and the closure is done using stitches.

Below I am sharing the pics of surgical marks and stitches, 1 week post-surgery.

The two stitches in the image can be removed after 2 weeks.The scar below the nipple is of about 4.5cm long.

This is the close up image of the small scar at groin area, which enables the connection of heart-lung machine during the procedure.

After the surgery i had to continue the breathing exercise using Spirometer for 1 month .

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Wow, Gaurav! That’s impressive. Tell us, how are you doing now?

Take good care!


Leading a normal life .As i am taking Cardace tab which is a Blood pressure regulator ,sometimes i feel light dizziness(especially when i suddenly wake up from bed or suddenly standup after sitting for while). But this happens only once a week or so. I am really happy with the results.

What great news, and I’m sure others will see this report and be reassured that there is life after their diagnosis.

Please don’t forget about everyone here: one day you will drop in to visit and someone will have a story, and questions, similar to yours. When they feel all alone, you will know what they are going through. They will appreciate your reassurance, just as you received strength and hope from the good people here.

So good to hear from you again, Gaurav. All the best to you!

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