Need advice on ASD closure procedures

I got diagnosed with ASD and I am 23 years old, just a month ago I decided to see a doctor because I had been experiencing chest pain sometimes and then came to know I had ASD.I’m yet to know the size of the defect ,will be going for the test in a week.

Feeling so confused and overwhelmed with all of these.My current doctor recommended to get treatment abroad since we don’t do it in my country.

Any suggestions for hospitals in Australia or new Zealand that offer treatment for this would be helpful.
Read about robotic ASD closure and device closure but not sure which hospitals do these in Australia.

Hi Nohname98,

Greeting from Malaysia. Please dont be worried for this ASD closure surgery as this is a minor surgery as my cardiologist told me last time. I found my ASD when I was 27 years old with defect size about 2.5 cm. Now is my 12 years after surgery. Everything is still going well.

Hi. I had asd surgery with davinci robot in Turkey , Istanbul 4 years ago and i feel great.

Hi epng
Thank you for the comforting words really means a lot .
Would it be okay to know which procedure you went through?

Hi Andreea
Thank you for sharing