OHS with implants from dbl mastectomy

Has anyone had open heart surgery that has implants? I had cancer and a double mastectomy 8 years ago…now ASD.

Hi @Traci, I looked up some previous threads which may be of help, but there wasn’t much. I did see a post from @Stace that may be of interest to you however. She had the Amplatzer device inserted, and it seems like she had breast cancer as well. It is unclear to me if she had mastectomies before or after the ASD closure. I know you situation isn’t the same, but here is her post anyway:

Also @Traci, are you currently waiting on the operation? How are you feeling? Has your doctor said anything about the risks of OHS given your history of mastectomies? I saw this peer-reviewed journal article (Cardiac Surgery is Safe in Female Patients with a History of Breast Cancer) that could be of some reassurance (although it’s not exactly your situation), but please let us know what your medical team says !

-Arjuna from ModSupport