Open heart success story

Hi, eleven months ago I had open heart surgery to correct a large sinus venosus asd. I had no complications from the surgery and require no medication. I was very anxious for a while about six months after the surgery. It was like a delayed anxiety.Jumping ten minutes a day on a trampoline has helped my poor nerves immensely. I had lingering pain with my sternum and that has also recovered ( 95 percent better ) . I still get twinges on really cold days. I feel strong and optimistic. I hope this gives someone some hope if they are going to have open heart surgery. Hannah


Thank you for this Hannah! Many in this community have posted about their pre-surgery anxiety, and concern about the recovery timeline. Your story is a positive one, and we are happy to see it. And love to hear that you’re feeling strong and optimistic!

I do have a question — the anxiety you felt for about 6 months post-surgery, do you believe that was contributed to by the physical toll of the recovery stage, or was it a mental thing?

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Hi Arjuna,

I recovered physically very well . I wasn’t offered cardiac rehab and I think this delayed my mental recovery. Mentally after the operation I was feeling mentally good but six months later ( post successfully surgery) fear hit me. I can only describe it as post traumatic stress. I don’t think covid has helped . I’m all good now and have worked through the fear and triggers. Thank you for asking :blush:

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That makes so much sense Hannah. Recovery isn’t just all physical, especially after this type of surgery! I am glad to hear that you are doing better now, and I think this is an important element of managing ASD that should be discussed more!

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