Post OHS question

II had my surgery this last week and I am post op day 5. I am already home and actually feel pretty good overall. I was amazed at how much less pain their is compared to what I expected!! My question is: I have developed a cough that I think is from a scratchy throat probably due to being on the vent and then later having an nf tube. The cough is extremely painful and I am concerned about causing damage to the sternum and/or incision. Does anyone have any great ideas for home remedies to help relieve the cough? Did anyone else develop a cough such as this after OHS? Is it dangerous for my sternum? Any help or advice you can give would be appreciated.

A cough is normal. You have to have hold a pillow on your chest to prevent damage when you cough.

Since ribs are cut during surgery there would be some grinding. Take it easy, Don't lift anything over 5 pounds.

I'm surprised you were not informed of this after surgery. When I had OHS, a pillow was provided to take home. It shaped like a teddy bear pillow shaped like a heart, not one to sleep on. There is another name for it

I was in hospital for 23 days.

I too had a cough after my surgery. A stiff pillow helped bare that pain you know it coming once you clear your throat. To help with the cough I recommend a diffuser with oil’s, such as, tea tree, lavender, menthol or spearmint. Keep it close by. I also put some 2x4 blocks at the head of my bed, under the mattress to keep me elevated at night. Food for thought…