Almost 4 weeks out from OHS for ASD. A few "healing" questions

First of all, I am in awe and have much deeper respect for those who have gone through OHS. Wow, what a journey this has been.

I am now about 4 weeks out and feeling relatively good. I am walking at least a mile at a time. I am eating normally. I stopped taking any narcotics so the GI issues I was crippled with have subsided.

I have neighbors who are cooking meals for our family a few times a week, which has been a blessing.

I am NOT feeling many palpitations (a few) and am generally thrilled to be healing at this rate.

But, sleeping is another hurdle for me. I am having a really tough time and need to know if I am being unrealistic in my expectations of sleeping through the night or if I need to give it some more time. I had been sleeping in a recliner and then two nights ago graduated to sleeping propped up on pillows in the corner of the couch. It is so hard to get comfortable. I long for the days when I took and Oxy and it made me sleep. Not going back to them, but it was nice to at least get some medicated rest! I am taking a few Iburprofen a day at this point. I take a Melatonin with Ibuprofen at night before bed. It is just so difficult to get comfortable (have I repeated that often enough!?).

Any tips? Anything that worked for others that I am not thinking about? Late night TV is just not my style--I want to be sleeping when the idiots come out at night on TV!

Thanks for your help,


I found sleeping in my own bed with ALOT of pillows the most comfortable I kinda made a triangle nest which worked really well and just took normal paracetamol before bed to make me abit more comfortable

Hi Geri

The first 5 to 6 weeks were tough for me and the whole lying down thing was one of the hardest. It will get better and gradually you will be able to sleep normally but your body has been through a lot and internally things were moved around so much that they are all gradually returning to their normal place. I had to sleep upright for several weeks and the pain was mostly in my back and shoulder. I used topical muscle relaxing creams and gels to relieve the pain.


Huge congrats on successful open heart surgery and its sounds like your recovery is going very well. I had open heart surgery as well but I am little groggy on how my sleeping was post surgery. The advice below is great from fellow ASD Survivors.

Haha about the idiots at night! :-)

Please keep us updated on your progress and I know others will love to hear about your story pre and post surgery.

Again huge congrats!