Recovery after ASD closure

What is the recovery like after an ASD closure. I'm going on Feb 25th with much anxiety. I'm a wreck from now

Are you having ops or a cath closure? The two are very different recoveries. I had the cath closure and was out of the hospital within one day. I felt great after closure! No pain or discomfort. I was limited on exercise for a month. Also the blood thinners for me were difficult because they gave me anemia so I lowered my dose and took iron supplements.
Good luck!!!

hi i had the cath procedure 3 weeks ago but it was not successful so i am know waiting on open heart surgery but the lady next to me had it done and she went home the same say day she had no problems phillipa

I had open heart surgery & was out of hospital after 5 days. I was told full recovery would be 3 months, but even sometimes now 17 months later my sternum hurts depending on what I am doing. I also had lots of chest pain which freaked me out. I learnt to not stress so much & now I very rarely get it.
Good luck with it all.

Hi I had the cath procedure. I stayed in hospital for one day. I experienced a sore throat, and my right thigh was the color of an egg plant. I did not experience any pain. I did have shortness of breath for two weeks after, but that subsided. I was told not to exercise for at least a month, then after, nothing strenuous. Because of my age, 55 yrs, I choose to give my heart time too heal. It’s been ten months. After a stress test, I was told it’s ok to resume my workout. Have faith.

I had open heart surgery Feb 19th for asd closure and valve repairs. I am only now starting to feel better. I wont lie to you. I was in a lot of pain and discomfort for what seemed like forever but was really about 4 weeks. Keep on top of the pain meds and keep your behind moving around so you don't stiffen up and it helps a lot. Today, most of the chest cavity pain is gone except for in the mornings and late at night. I still have some major trouble with a back/shoulder pain on my left side which nothing seems to relieve. If your surgery went as scheduled, and it was OHS, then Im guessing your starting to feel human again right about now. Make sure you keep us posted on your recovery! Cheers,