Sleep apnea and ASD/PFO

Hi Everyone,

I had my follow-up appointment post closure and all is well! My device is doing just as it should and my bubble study showed zero shunting. At my visit, I happily told the Interventional Cardiologist that my sleep apnea had disappeared since the closure. I no longer wake up with a terrible headache and feel quite rested. He was really surprised to hear this and said he had never heard of a connection between sleep apnea and ASD/PFO's. My husband is a physician and researched the subject and he has read many studies indicating there is a connection with a very good report on improvement in sleep apnea after closure. Has anyone else had an improvement in sleep apnea after closure?

Mine did change right after the open-heart surgery I had for ASD. Unfortunately, it did not go away, but it did change and the settings on the CPAP unit had be changed. It is a bit lighter now :)

Thanks for your reply. I do hope it continues to improve. I am so thrilled mine is gone. I worry it will return but so far so good!

Great news for you! Hope you continue to sleep well and recover quickly.

I was never diagnosed w/sleep apnea...but I swear I never slept well my entire life until after my ASD was repaired. I also had serious AFib as a result of enlarged heart (ASD was discovered and repaired at age 55.)ASD, Maze procedure and one bypass to main coronary were all done at same surgery and as I said... I sleep like never before!


That is terrific that you are sleeping well after all that time!