Still a hole post procedure

Hi, I was just informed almost 18 months after my ads closure, that there is still a hole. I now have to go back for a TEE.

I just realized that a part of my post is missing. I was just informed almost 18 months after my asd closure, that there is still a hole. I now have to go back for a TEE. Did anyone have to go through this?

Sorry to hear that. I had mine fixed by surgery rather than by catheter as I was advised that the latter may not be a 100% fix in my case. Did you have surgery to fix or closed by device?

My thoughts are with you.

Hi. I've had TEE procedure 3x without any problems. Basically they have you gargle with stuff to numb your throat then they put you to sleep, put a scope down your throut and do what they need to do- get pressures, take pictures...I did know they could also close hole this way. I had one small hole closed through a catherization and one patched during oprn heart surgery. The TEE was not a big deal for me- each time I went home shortly after with no problems. Hope things go well for you.

I am so sorry to hear this Syl. I just went to the doc today for results from my 2 month followup TEE. For me, all is well. Have they told you what they will do this time? Did they miss it, or is it new? I have to admit that that has been a fear of mine... Keep us posted on what the test and the doc says.


Actually this will b my 3rd TEE. Not happy about it but there are worst things. I had the procedure by catheter. All seemed well with a regular echo-cardiogram. But since I suffered from a stroke in 2010 they decided to do a TEE to make sure. I know that if the hole is small it might be ok but it still makes me nervous. I thought I was done with all this and now I worry about having another stroke. I have an appointment to find out what will be done with the lazy eye I was left with after the stroke...don't want to have something more serious. I just hope I don't wait to long for the TEE.

Unfortunately, there are so many areas of this situation that you have no control over. You have to keep your anxiety down until you know more information. Hopefully, it won’t be long… How are you feeling? How can we help you get through?

So sorry to hear you have already had a stroke. I can certainly understand why you'd be concerned. And I hope you get the TEE soon so you know what is going on and what you need to do.

One thing I have learned in life is that staying positive is so important. As a 44 year old mother of a 4 year old boy I am determined to get through this and I am confident all will be well. I was just surprised and a bit upset to realize this battle might not be over. Thank you all for your replies and I wish you all great Holidays!