The entire ADS is new to me, luckily I’m having it repaired little over 2 months since it was discovered. I was wondering what the TEE is like? I figure they give you conscious sedation but are you able to still swallow the tube? I’ve tired swallowing with my throat open…not pretty with a sensitive gag reflex. Should we be out of the building a few hours later? Is your throat all mangled from the tube/camera? What do I need to stock up on?

Hey Smith,
Glad to hear your asd is being closed soon.

They sedated me for the TEE. One minute I was talking to them and the next it was done and it did not feel anything.

You will be grand.

Thank you for you reply! I hope this will be the case for me. I want to know virtually everything before I walk into the situation and being not so popular, there is not too much information out there. I've seen videos of the procedure on the internet which is very helpful.

Yeah, the TEE is not a problem. They give you stuff that makes you really forgetful :slight_smile: I have absolutely NO memory of the tube in my throat. None.

not wanting to be all doom and gloom here but my TEE was horrid, clearly not enough sedation for me and I remember the whole event and felt the tube…so make sure they up the sedation. You will be done within a few hours.

I had my TEE on the first…most people I encountered wanted to know why I was having this procedure at my age. I supposedly had sedation but I was told I was “determined” and never quite got under all the way with lots of meds. Anyway I they showed me the screen and the tube and we cracked a few jokes about the endo tube verses the colonoscopy tube. I watched the screen the entire time. Fascinating!!

I was conscious and remember it well. Not a very pleasant procedure but I was expecting worse so it wasn’t so bad for me.

I have had it done twice. The sedation works well sometimes. It is really quite easy to get through - just try to stay relaxed and don’t worry. Good luck.

I had a TEE in May and was sedated for most of it… but then I woke up in the middle of the procedure (it took about 3x longer than they thought it would) and I started gagging. The nurse immediately gave me more medication and I slept during the rest of it. I had a sore throat for the next 24 hours. I hope if I ever have this procedure again that I am totally knocked out. :slight_smile: Everyone’s experience is different and I usually do well with procedures. I wish you the best of luck!