"swiss cheeze" asd

hello everybody!
My sister had a MR heart yesterday and they have seen that she has multiple 2 bigger and many smaller asds and that probably she Will need oppen heart surgery…
does anyone have experience with multiple asd and amplazer or oppen heart surgery?
how did it go for you?
would be very gratefull if u can share your experience…

When I was diagnosed with ASD, they decided to use the Amplatzer device. That was 7 years ago. After the surgery, they told my family and I that my atrial septum looked like "swiss cheese". They said they were able to cover all of the holes but one small one. Their hope was that it would cover over with tissue when the area scarred down. I have to say I did feel better after the surgery but over time, I have developed some weird symptoms of lightheadedness, arrythmias, nausea, etc. I go for an echo on Tuesday to see how things look. I would say, if her docors do not think hey can cover all the holes with a device, then she should consider the open hear surgery very seriously. It is very scary to think about, but I think it is better to be sure everything is covered. I am praying that I do no to face more surgery. I wish your sister well with whatever she decides.

Thank you for your reply!i hope everything looks good on your Echo.
Our cardiologist wants to try to place an amplazer device but we are very skeptical for many reasons.First of all she has many many holes maybe 10 and on the MR they said the rims are not sufficient and the kardiologist said that he cannot imagine how an amplazer could treat her.
After reading about amplazer I have seen that the 2 major risk factors to get complications with amplazer is if a large device is neccesary and if there are inefficient rims present.
She has one smal rim and many holes that propably a bigger device is neccesary so I think it is a bit risky to begin with in her case.Furthermore she has so many holes that are all over the septum (not concentrated in one area) which will make it difficult to close all the holes.
Did you know that you had Swiss like asd before the amplazer or did u find out later?
do u know if your asds were at the same area?
So we are thinking that propably we will talk with a surgent next week.the surgery will be done with an incision under the right breast and hopefully everything will be ok.
it’s amazing that a disease like this(quite simple) can cause so much distress to all of us.
Untill the surgery is done and she is felling ok we won’t be able to breath… :frowning:

I had no idea that I had multiple holes in my septum until after surgery, when they old my family exactly that. They said my heart wall looked like swiss cheese, but they were not specific. They said they used the biggest device they could use, and that they were still unable to close one small hole. Honestly, it worries me a times, and especially now that I am having all these weird symptoms again. I will say, it has been 7 years since my surgery. I am a very low stress individual, but this has been tough, and I have 2 small children. I get worried more often now, and I have found that I have alot of difficulty if I do cardiovascular exercise.

Hi scared of erosion.

How did your consultation go?