7 years post Amplatz surgery having hypertension, tachycardia, chest pain

Hello everyone, I am Linda. I just joined the group a few days ago as I am hoping to get some support and maybe get some answers. I am 49 years young, had an Amplatz device implanted in June of 2008. (I have attached an x-ray of my device)

I was 41 when I was diagnosed with a class II PFO. I had migraines prior to my surgery, but post surgery they have gotten considerably worse. The cardiologist who did my surgery told me they would either get better or worse with the surgery. He convinced me that majority get better. So we opted for the surgery. My husband is an ER nurse & a Flight Paramedic so he understood what the doctor was talking about in medical terms. We figured that it would eliminate the presumed TIA's I had prior to surgery would get resolved. We have later learned from my neurologist that those were probably complex hemiplegic migraines and not TIA's.

I digress from what is going on now. Currently I am running a constant blood pressure of 178/106 up to 190/112. Resting heart rate of 106-126, constant chest pain. I am on Norvasc (5mg twice a day) and Nitro pills PRN (as needed). The Nitro is for when my BP shoots even higher through the roof, and it only brings it down temporarily.

I have been to the local ER, my ECG's have been normal but with tachycardia. My triponin levels have been normal. Yet I am still experiencing excruciating chest pain, light headed, and it gets worse with physical exertion.

My lovely health insurance carrier wants me to continue to see my local cardiologist instead of sending me to Ann Arbor to see a cardiologist who are familiar with the Amplatz device and possible complications post surgery. I go back to see my regular cardiologist this week to see what he can do until the insurance approves my out of network referral.

I have been hearing that the FDA is investigating more complications post surgery of the Amplatz device. Just wondering if anyone is experiencing similar symptoms of what I am having.

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Hello ERNW, and welcome to this Ben's Friends community. I'm not a regular on this board (I am a moderator for another community) but I work with the larger Ben's Friends network. I just want to say that I'm sorry that you are going through difficult times, and I hope that you will find this community a good source of information and support. In this you are lucky: the people here are friendly, empathetic and knowledgeable.

Hang in there, and hang out here!